Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home at last


A difficult farewell

 Yes, I know she is signing "candy" instead of "apple".  We've got it all straightened out now :)

 Maria's first bath with her new family

 Trying out the new shoes/clothes

 At Doctor visit, Maria models how to check her puppy's heartbeat

 When I am eating, I am very happy

 Mommy helps me relax for a nap

 Thank you Katie for knitting my hat and scarf!

 Trying on sister's hat.  Yes, we are in "love"

 Learning "Twinkle, twinkle little star"

 Out for a walk in the snow

 Packed and ready to go home!

 Homecoming outfit

 Maria signing "airplane"


Finally home- thank you Wilcox family for the warm welcome!

 I love my new playhouse

 Maria reading her Bible

 Kisses for sister

 Meeting new friends

 First American pizza!

 Playing with Daddy

 Check out my fine motor skills: I can lace beads! I can also take off my blanket sleeper and diaper, so now mommy has to put it on backwards so I can't reach the zipper!

Do you like my Thanksgiving hair clips?  So much to be thankful for...

As my 5 year old son told me today, "I'm so glad we got Maria before someone else got her." 

Me too :)