Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home at last


A difficult farewell

 Yes, I know she is signing "candy" instead of "apple".  We've got it all straightened out now :)

 Maria's first bath with her new family

 Trying out the new shoes/clothes

 At Doctor visit, Maria models how to check her puppy's heartbeat

 When I am eating, I am very happy

 Mommy helps me relax for a nap

 Thank you Katie for knitting my hat and scarf!

 Trying on sister's hat.  Yes, we are in "love"

 Learning "Twinkle, twinkle little star"

 Out for a walk in the snow

 Packed and ready to go home!

 Homecoming outfit

 Maria signing "airplane"


Finally home- thank you Wilcox family for the warm welcome!

 I love my new playhouse

 Maria reading her Bible

 Kisses for sister

 Meeting new friends

 First American pizza!

 Playing with Daddy

 Check out my fine motor skills: I can lace beads! I can also take off my blanket sleeper and diaper, so now mommy has to put it on backwards so I can't reach the zipper!

Do you like my Thanksgiving hair clips?  So much to be thankful for...

As my 5 year old son told me today, "I'm so glad we got Maria before someone else got her." 

Me too :)


  1. She is beautiful!! and the comment from your son, so sweet! I have also been so touched by the reaction from our other children to Vika. Beautiful family!!

  2. Another thing to be so thankful for... Maria is HOME with her very loving family. Thank you for sharing all the delightful happy and fun pictures. I love the ones with her siblings loving on her. Wow what a Thanksgiving you'll have!!

  3. Congratulations!!! And welcome home, Maria! Welcome to your new life. :-)

  4. Just beautiful!!! I love the scarf and hat!

  5. Congratulations! Oh she's absolutely stunning! Gentry, SO glad to see you are home! Praising God with you!

  6. So happy to see these! Beautiful family, you are so blessed with the gift of each other! Thanks for sharing Gentry! <3

  7. Love your post, all the pictures and videos! I am so happy I got to meet you in while we were both picking up our little ones!!! I hope things are going well with you guys, it sure looks like it from the pictures. I am so glad!!!


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