Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some changes

I haven't posted in awhile as we have a crazy life and it's hard to keep up. But I did want to post some notable changes we have seen in Maria before I forget.

Around May or June, about 6-7 months home, Maria stopped speaking Russian. She transferred all of her Russian words into English.  She now speaks more English than she ever did Russian.  I don't think she wants to speak it.  Sometimes we say some Russian words, but she doesn't want to speak it. She understands some words, but she definitely prefers English now.

At the end of September, she seemed to be a little more weepy and clingy. I think she was grieving. In the adoption world, this happens at different times for each child. I'm not sure if there was a trigger, but I think it was as if she realized that everything is different now. She is now staying here and her old life is not coming back.  I don't think she is sad, but I do think when your whole world changes, it can be upsetting.  It only lasted about a week. We also saw some regression with potty issues. She started having accidents, so we had to put her back in diapers.  She is showing some improvement again and is even initiating potty use, so that makes me feel happy for her progress.

I am learning how to be an adoptive mom! Maria talks a lot, but she cannot tell me about the past or what she might be upset about.  I do a lot of guessing and sometimes I read her all wrong! God has been answering my prayers to help me love her and meet her needs (because I don't always know what they are!)

Our fall is busy! Here are the activities Maria is involved in: AYSO soccer, rhythm music class, Occupational Therapy, Awana, Bible Study fellowship and Sunday school. Maria doesn't go up to strangers to get their attention anymore. She stays close to mama and has shown that she feels safest with me. She now goes to three "bible classes" weekly along with her sister, and enjoys them all! And I haven't even mentioned what my other 3 kids are up to!

The one behavior that has not changed has been her rocking.  She rocks to get herself to sleep if she is awoken during the night or as she is coming out of sleep. She also rocks when she is bored.  We are researching ways to help her. One thing that stands out is a lack of serotonin in her brain. This is caused by her needs not being met during the early part of her life (especially the first 10 months, with the added medical trauma). I also just found out that children with DS also have low serotonin. So we are looking into supplements to help her.  We will also begin a new play-based developmental therapy that analyzes her behavior from many different angles and they will set up a therapy plan based on what the therapists observe and from my testimony.

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