Wednesday, January 19, 2011


That's the word for the big stack of papers we send to Maria's country in order to adopt her.

Last week our completed home study arrived and I whisked the kids off the same day to overnight it to Immigration (After wrestling with the baby's carseat belt that wouldn't click because a Trader Joe's peanut butter pretzel (yum!) crumb had gotten wedged in the buckle). We barely made the cutoff and the Fedex guy even waited as I frantically filled out the paper. It arrived promptly even though I had written in the wrong date!  Next they will send us a fingerprinting appointment and after that we will wait for their approval. Please pray there are no unnecessary delays!

This week we are finishing getting all of our documents notarized and will be sending them to the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento. My sweet friend has saved us about $600 by notarizing it all for free! I really hope nothing gets lost. We've been working since September to get all of these gathered. And do you want to take a guess at how many there are? Go ahead, take a stab. Ok, I'll tell you: 59. That's right 5-9. And when we get our Immigration approval it will be 60. And do you know what Sacramento charges to get these docs apostilled (certified)? $20 each! Yes, the grand total will be $1200 for 60 docs to be certified. The good news is that the Lord has provided this money. But it still is staggering, isn't it?

Please pray that we can get the house we've put an offer in for. It is a short sale and there are some extra fees that they want us to pay and we're just waiting and trusting God to see if this is the house He wants for us. Of course we would like this to happen soon so we can move and get settled before we travel and before we bring home Maria.

Your kingdom come your will be done.

Oh and I just have to link this post here. What an amazing testimony about God's heart for the orphan from the perspective of a father who will be bringing his new daughter home tomorrow! Look at her!

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