Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you for your prayers- Keep them coming!

My husband and I left the house around 7:35 am this morning (this is really early for me!) to drive down to Oxnard to get our Immigration fingerprints taken. We wanted to be there when it opened at 8 am, but we got there around 8:15 am.

I told the lady that we wanted to see if they could fit us in and explained that our appointment wasn't for two weeks, but we are adopting a child with special needs and we also won't be in town for the date they had given us. She groaned and said today was one of their busiest days with 100 appointments. etc. But she stamped our letter and let us sign in. We waited for about ten minutes and then were called. They took our prints and we left. Ok, what was the big deal? Yeaaaaa!

I had a very emotional day yesterday (thank you hormones!) and was praying a lot and crying and pretty exhausted. I am so thankful for my sister. I don't know why, but she has really been wanting to help us out a lot lately. It has been such a blessing, because I've been able to go to appointments and get so many things done that I couldn't do dragging my kids around. My sister drove up last night to watch my kids because we weren't sure how long we would be gone and most of my friends can't watch my kids all day. Thank you Brie!

Tonight we drive down to my parents house in L.A. and then Saturday morning we drive down to Temecula for a big birthday party for Grandpa Tierney who will be turning 90 next week! It will be like a big family reunion. They were asking us to send pictures of us with him, and we all realized we didn't have many pictures with Grandpa, even though we visit him several times a year. So we are going to be sure to take photos with him, individual and group, at the party. Most of his life he has spent serving the Lord. He is still a pastor and teaches Sunday school and Bible studies and preaches too. Everyone loves him! They asked us to write down a memory of him and this is what I wrote: "Grandpa Tierney taught me about living a life of devotion to the Lord and faith in action. I was always impressed by his Faith Promise project. I loved hearing the stories of people committing to an amount of money to support missionaries and trusting with faith in the Lord to provide the money. And then hearing the amazing ways that God provided the money that they never expected.  And you couldn't go on a walk with Grandpa and Grandma, without them spying a coin on the ground and picking it up to put in their Faith Promise account!"

We love you Grandpa- Happy 90th Birthday!

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  1. So happy to hear about your progress, each step is getting you closer to Maria!

    Have a wonderful family reunion/birthday party for your Grandpa :)


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