Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4- Short visit, notary and the Williams

Today we had a short visit with Maria so we could go to the notary in the city.  First we watched her do a lesson with the Behavior Specialist.  She is very good with matching, sizes, following directions, and stacking.  She is still working on shapes. She didn't want to interact with us as much today.  Her two favorite phrases are "No" and "By myself".  She would also hit us today when she would say no.  I got one in the eye.  We know that this is normal and we know that she needs to know we will still be here when she tests us.  We don't need her to show us affection to us.  Although we want her to, God called us to be her parents no matter how she reacts towards us.  Actually, we're not really worried because she has and does show affection every day, so we know this is part of adoption.  Here are some of today's visit:


 Lesson time


I got a little nervous at the notary office- this is so official, you feel like you're going to sign on the wrong line!
Then we went home to meet Tracy Williams, her mom and Anna.  They are going to stay with us at the YWAM house for a couple of days until Anna's passport is ready.  Please pray that this happens SOON as they have already been waiting three weeks and she is terribly homesick.

Anna-orphan no more!

Tomorrow is our last visit and we will also be observed by the Child Welfare Inspector.  We're a little nervous- more questions to answer about why we want to adopt a child with Down syndrome and she will testify in court about her observation of us.  We would love your prayers for this last visit and that God will guard Maria while we wait.  We were told they might admit her to the hospital to be treated for fluid in her chest.  I really don't want her to be alone during this time, so our coordinator is going to try to talk to the Director.  We found out that we will probably go back for court the first week of October.  There are many documents to translate still and about 3-4 documents we still need to finish and certify and send.  Court must happen within 3 months, so it can't be later than that!  We also found out on our second trip we will first have our medical exams, then 4-5 visits before our court appearance.  We will then go home for about two weeks for the 10 day wait and return and will be there about 5 more days, to get her passport, visa, and the rest of the clearances to bring her home- hopefully by the end of October!


  1. I tell my husband and my children all the time, everyone is allowed to have a bad's true, even if those days fall during the 7 day visit with your mama and papa... :) Praying all goes well and glad you are getting some good dates for your return trip. Thinking of you friend and your sweet family.

  2. The picture of you three is just precious!! She is such a beautiful girl!

  3. I am sad I didn't get to meet you this trip! We are back home today and I am finally reading everyone's blog! I love all the pictures!!!

  4. I love the splits picture :) too cute. So happy for you and your family!

    Nikki --> blog design to change the world

  5. such cute pictures. I am praying all goes well for you the remainder of your trip.

  6. She's adorable!! Praying for you all & your trip home.


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