Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The BIG one!

This week we are putting the final preparations together for our BIG project!

On Saturday, a team of volunteers will be going with us to help Louise, an elderly woman, with some home repairs.  She is in need of a new garbage disposal, cleaning her kitchen and windows, carpet, repainting her porch and yard work.

In the last couple of weeks, these volunteers have been sending out support letters to their family and friends for the work they will be doing on Saturday.  God has blessed us so much by sending along these awesome friends!

You may or may not have received one of these letters.  :)

Will you consider being a part of God's story?  He, after all, has orchestrated this whole concert and we are but the instruments.

We need your help to bring Maria home- we still need to raise close to $20,000.  Please pray about supporting our adoption and we pray that your gift will also be a blessing to you.

Look at both of their faces!

You can read our letter and learn more about our project at the Both Hands project website.

Thank you!

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  1. I hope your fundraiser is successful. Are you the family that got to see Olga E, when you visited the babyhome?
    If so, please contact me, either on my blog, or on the RR forum.



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