Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well that was fast!

I didn't exactly expect to receive one $100 donation for the eBook Good Grief!  So Timothy, you won the Starbucks card too!

Just in case any of you were thinking about donating and didn't yet get a chance, I'm going to say that for our next $200 in donations for the eBook, I will throw in another Starbucks card for $20!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is the fundraiser info about the eBook Good Grief! that you missed:

A couple of months ago, I posted about an eBook that my friend from high school Erica McNeal wrote.  She was offering to donate the sales of her new book to raise funds for two adoptive families and a friend fighting cancer.  Well, she contacted me and offered the same deal for our adoption!

So this is how it will work: We are offering the eBook Good Grief! for a donation of $15 or more- 100% of the proceeds go to bring home Maria!  We still have a LOT more money to raise- about $20,000- but trust in God's faithfulness!  Please help us get her home!!!!

Will you consider purchasing this book?  I  already have and it was a huge blessing to me.  What an amazing journey Erica has been on!  The trials she has experienced in her young life are unimaginable- yet God in His mercy has brought Erica through,  in order to proclaim His glory!  She is also an adoptive mommy and has endured cancer and child loss.

What some have said about Good Grief!:

“I survived cancer.  Sometimes I wondered if I would survive the comments of people who meant to be helpful.  It is difficult to know what to say or do when others are experiencing life’s disappointments.  This book will help you be a true friend to someone facing difficulty.”  Diane Davis – CFO of Ken Davis Productions

“Although the Lord promises in His Word we will encounter trials in this life, nothing could have prepared me for the day I found my sweet baby lifeless in his crib. ‘Good Grief’ gives people who have experienced loss permission to grieve, while clinging to the hope we have in Christ, the only One who can restore and heal a broken heart. When often no one has a clue what to do to help, ’Good Grief’ provides ideas for meeting real and immediate needs to those who surround the hurting.”  Jen Rumley, Mom to Tyler and 2 babies snuggling with Jesus

“Good Grief! is a book that must be read!  It comes straight from the heart and deals with the reality of pain and grief- but in a way that leads to hope and healing.  It is a must for anyone looking for hope and meaning in our fallen world.”  Dr. Doug Munton, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, O’Fallon, IL

And in order to make this a little more exciting: For the next $200 donated, a prize will be offered to one of the donors chosen randomly: A $20 Starbucks gift card! 

See, that's a pretty good deal- you'd be getting your $15 back (and more) and can enjoy a Frappuccino and a little treat along with this great book!

If you're ready to purchase Good Grief! (It's PDF- downloadable to your computer), please donate through the Good Grief- Get Maria Home! blue ChipIn. Your donation is tax-deductible and will go directly to our Reece's Rainbow grant fund for our sweet Maria.


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