Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Court date!

Yesterday we received our court date!!!!! We will be leaving next week, October 19.  We will have medical exams and several more visits with Maria and then we will  have court on October 25th.  We are so excited! My sweet hubby wrote this on his Facebook page yesterday and I had to share:

"My heart wants to go out of my chest,...we have a court date! I'm in my work right now, but I want to hug my wife and just praise the Lord! October 25th, 10 am. That day is going to be a God's victory!"

So we are booking flights, applying for visas, etc...- yep, it's a little crazy around here again!

I have also been making/selling Pumpkin Spice Bread and Apple Crisps!  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our adoption through your donations and especially your prayers! 

We have had some extra expenses to update documents and our airfare will probably be higher on our last trip. We found out it is more expensive to fly over the weekend :)  We now are only about $4000 away from being fully funded! It is amazing and humbling to see how God provides and how He has been using our fundraisers to also bring more awareness about His love for the orphan and His love for us!

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  1. I love your husband's words!! So full of love! Can't wait to see you with your girl in your arms again!! We will have to have a party somewhere when we get our Ali home! :) Praying for you!


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