Saturday, October 15, 2011


After getting our travel date on Monday, the last couple of days have been quite hectic to get everything ready.  Today, however, I felt calm as I cleaned the house, expectant of our imminent trip.

We sent out our visa application yesterday.  Today the agent called me to inform me that there has been technical issues with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it looks like it is too risky to wait until it resolves on Tuesday for the processing of our 3 month business visa.  She decided to get us tourist visas and we will have to apply for another one as soon as we get home.  There might be an extra fee for that. What?! These visas already cost us $1200!!!!!!

Flights are booked!  We will be flying Lufthansa this time around.  It seems like United doesn't fly from DC on weekdays.  It 's pretty awesome though because I've heard great things about this airline and our airfare this time around is almost half ($1700) what it was in July ($3000).  I also hear they provide food and drinks regularly during the entire flight. :) We leave around 3pm on Wednesday and will arrive at 6:40pm on Thursday in Maria's country.

From there we will head over to the American Medical Clinic to have blood drawn.  Nope, fasting not required.  It's a 24 hour clinic so time's no issue.  Then hopefully we will make it to our host family's house.  Our new neighbor's brother and wife live near the city and have offered to let us stay with them.  We will be able to save so much money this way.

The next morning we are supposed to go see Maria- yay! We were talking about whether or not she will remember us.  I'm pretty sure she will, especially since we will visit in the same room we always started in and she has the photo album we left with her.  I don't think she knows what/who mom and dad are, but that's understandable (she will!) We can't wait for our reunion!

We miss you sweetheart!

Then we will go back to the American Medical Clinic for our 8 doctor medical exam.  I'm not too worried about this, but I think Kike is!

Hopefully after all that we can meet up with Ashley Moreno and her new daughter, Juliana and Melanie Jim who will also be on her court trip! Not sure if we will work out because of our full day, but we'll try.

Not sure what the plan is for the next three days- I think we will visit Maria and maybe try to go to the city to tour and shop for souvenirs.

Then we will have court at 10:30 am on Tuesday, October 25th! For my family and friends that live in California it will be 11:30 pm on Monday (everyone else, sorry, you do the math-lol).  So far, there has been nothing to indicate any problem or concern with court.  Please pray that this goes smoothly! My sweet hubby, who is also very soft spoken, will have most, if not all, of the questions directed at him.

We leave for home the following morning around 7am and arrive at LAX at 12:30 the same day! Weird, I know, but it's about 18 hours of travel, not 5!

We will be home for about 10 days and then we can go back to get Maria! It looks like we would be leaving November 5th or 6th.  We can go get her out of the orphanage on November 7th- forever!  We're hoping this trip is shorter.  We have to get Maria's passport, she needs a medical exam, we have to get her a visa from the US Embassy and then register our adoption and then we can leave. We are hoping to be able to leave November 11th.

Today it has really begun to hit me that this is really happening and our lives are going to change so quickly!  I started thinking about the holidays and how fun it will be to experience it all through Maria's eyes.  I can't wait to see her open her first Christmas present!

I also started thinking- I don't feel ready! I think that was true for my three pregnancies too.  But it is different this time. She is not a baby- she talks, walks, runs, has tantrums and gives wonderful kisses!  At dinner I thought, we don't have a highchair or booster seat for her.  We still aren't sure where she will sleep.  Does a crib provide more safety for her?  Maybe she is too big for the crib.  Would she do well on the bottom bunk?  Should we buy a bunk bed for Diego's room?  Hmmm... We'll just have to play it by ear.  At the park today, I was watching my kids play in the sandbox with their flip flops on and I remembered that I didn't have any for Maria! Mostly because we're still not sure what size she wears.  We've bought some tennis shoes and boots, but didn't think about the flip flops.  Then I remembered that I'm going to need a diaper bag of sorts to carry in my car: change of clothes, pull-ups, wipes, plastic bags.

This weekend we hope to be packing and organizing. Since we moved just 6 months ago, we are still "moving in" but feel the extra motivation to get things done before Maria comes home.  Finish organizing the garage, closets and kid-proofing.  Not sure if the bathrooms will ever get painted.

Every day we have been getting closer to being fully funded! We praise God for providing all that we need and thank you for supporting us and loving Maria.  We now are just under $3000 away!

Wow- we leave in 5 days!!!!


  1. I'm so excited for you Gentry! I can't wait to see new pics of your sweetie! Let me tell you from experience that the holidays are a very crazy time with a newly adopted little person!! We brought Timothy home the week of Thanksgiving last year, and I wouldn't change it for the world!! Praying for your trips, medicals, and court!!

  2. So, so exciting!!

    Kim at

  3. I am not sure what medical center you will go to but ours was a breeze! Tell Kike not to worry about them! I still can't believe you are already going back so soon! xoxoxo

  4. So excited that you all are so close to leaving!! Love the picture of your girlie all dressed up. :)


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