Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy days

We've been super busy trying to get all of our paperwork filled out and appointments made. We've had our blood tests and they came out clean (no surprise I guess) and Luis had his medical exam. I have my exam and fingerprints on Friday and he does his fingerprints on election day.

We've also been advocating for our church to recognize Orphan Sunday on Nov. 7. We are going to have a table on the patio and be able to share the flyers on 10 ways to care for the orphan from the Christian Alliance for Orphans. We also will have Reece's Rainbow flyers and flyers for an Orphan Sunday event being held in Ventura hosted by the Gold Coast Orphan Alliance. It's interesting that the directors of both the Christian Alliance and GCOA all went to Westmont College with me!

In addition to all of this, I've been contacting people with the Down Syndrome Association of Santa Barbara and am trying to get resources and build connections. We realize that our life is about to change in a big way and we want to be as best prepaed as we can. We know the Lord is going before us and has already brought people to us that are great sources of information. He is answering our prayers: "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." James 1:5

And besides that, trying to keep up with our homeschooling and coaching and ref'ing our kids soccer teams and cleaning and organizing and purging to prepare for two weeks of house guests and trying to find a house and Luis getting a stomach bug and last night my baby developed croup and is having a hard time sleeping. :(

So, that's what this week has looked like!


  1. Dear Gentry, I love that you are doing this to increase awareness not just for your "little Muffin" but for orphans all over...and I love the "post card" to drive people to your blog! Are you on mamapedia? you might want to check that out too!
    I cannot wait to see how The Lord gets this done for you and your little girl!!!
    Love Always,

  2. Hello, I know you have no idea who I am but I have to tell you how happy I am that you will be getting Maria. I have watched her on RR and prayed for her. I am so very glad she will have a forever family. Thank you for sharing your journey, I cant wait to follow it!

  3. What a joy to watch this story unfold!


Thank you for sharing your kind words!