Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting things done

I have been super blessed this week by friends' words of encouragement.  We know we're obeying the Lord and we love being in that place of walking in faith- but it can be hard, let's admit.  I've seen how surprised, shocked, disappointed, ecstatic and happy people's reactions have been upon sharing our news with them. So when someone reminds me, "the Lord will provide, just like He always has", it is such an encouragement.  Or when someone says, "God's already got it all worked out" I am reminded that is my job to trust and obey and His job to work the miracles.

I've always been a busy person, but as we are in the "gathering" stage of our adoption process, it's a whole new level.  And yes, I'm a list person so here's my accomplishments this week:

Doctor appts (all five of us)
Young Life Banquet- met Young Life Director for Russia
Down Syndrome Association Play Group- met families
Started 3 fundraisers- Usborne books, Premier Jewelry and Just Love Coffee
Tweaking and adding to my blog and facebook (I'm still learning)
LOTS of phone calls/emails
Soccer practice
Piano lesson
Birthday celebration
Picked up paperwork from the County for our short sale approval (still waiting to hear from lender)
Preparations for Orphan Sunday at church

And I did all of this with no voice- recovering from a cold!

What's left to do:
Psychological evaluations
Online adoption class
Reference letters
Certified Marriage/Birth Certificates
Notarizations of all docs
2nd homestudy visit
File immigration paperwork- I-600a

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  1. You are making awesome progress! So many prayers for you! I enjoy following your journey.



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