Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was so excited today to get an email with some additional information about Maria. The most incredible of which, her birthdate in the email was listed differently than before. Instead of Sept. 17, 2007 it said she was born on July 17, 2007- which is my birthday! Not sure which is true, but it would truly be amazing if we share the same birthdate. Here is the info I received about Maria:

Maria (17.07.2007)  Unfortunately they have no right to give official information without official application with the dossier, thus they cannot give the pictures. But they told me that she walks, runs, and has cosiderably good fine and gross motor skills, she helps to clean the tables, she understands the speech and fulfil instructions, he speach is not clear, but she tries to verbalize. She has had surgery at the heart due to inborn heart problem and thus she has deformaty at the chest bones. She is friendly and outgoing.

Very encouraging update- she seems to be in a place where she is receiving some good care- Praise God!

The dossier mentioned above is all of the official paperwork including approval by the social worker and US Immigration.

I finally found a psychologist who will work with us and he is a professor at my alma mater. However, his evaluations are $750 per person. That's $1500! So, I'm going to try to get him to give us a discount, but who knows!

Today is our last home study visit and then the social worker will be writing her report that will determine if we are suitable to be adoptive parents. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

All we have left to do:
Psychologist evaluations
FBI fingerprint/criminal history
Finish online adoption training
Get everything notarized and certified


  1. Great update! I hope you can get a discount from the psychologist. I'll keep praying!


  2. I was trying to purchase an ornament and it appears the link isn't working- just wanted to let you know. I'll check back later!

  3. Sorry about the link- you can use the chipin for payment. Thanks!


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