Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Usborne Book Fundraiser

We will be selling Usborne books in an online bookstore from now until Nov. 24. 100% of proceeds will benefit our adoption!

I love Usborne books because of the beautiful color illustrations. My 4 year old son will open Time Traveler and sit and look at all the pictures. It reminds me of the Where's Waldo books, with lots of different activities happening in one scene.  They really help my children "travel in time" and get a picture of what life was like in different time periods.

Another favorite is See Inside Your Body. It has tons of flaps and talks about all that the body does... It is GREAT!

Visit our bookstore to browse all of the Usborne selections:
(For homeschool subject books, click on "School Age" on the left side bar)

Or let me know if you're interested in earning free books by hosting your own book show to help raise funds for our adoption!


  1. Oh, cool! I'll have to check this out- I teach science and the body one looks awesome!


  2. I put together a list on my blog of Christmas gifts people can give that go toward adoptions- and I included your fundraiser!
    Best of luck!


Thank you for sharing your kind words!