Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Love my husband (Part 2)- Happy Father's Day

My husband was born in Peru, the fourth of 6 children. His family was quite poor, although his mother worked as a nurse and his dad a shoemaker by day and singer/performer by night.  When he was born, they had no bed for him, so they used a wooden milk crate and layered blankets in it. 

After his father passed away, he was really dealing with spiritual issues and after learning the truth about who Jesus Christ was and what He did for him, gave his life in surrender to God's will. He began a new life, attending church and instead of singing revolutionary songs, started singing in the church choir. 

During the years of terrorism, from 1980-1992, mostly headed by the Shining Path group, everyone was always living in constant alert. A car bomb could go off at any moment and as he recalls, "it was a really difficult time of my life."  He was in college at the time and one day there was a military raid on the school, hoping to ambush some of the terrorist supporters.  Somehow, my husband got stuck inside the school and they gathered him up with everyone else and locked him up in prison for a couple of days. 

He studied Electronics and later Industrial Engineering.  But he always had to put his studies on hold because he couldn't afford it.  He really struggled to support himself and whatever he had leftover, he would give to his mom, who had been left a widow.  He couldn't even afford bus fare to church on Sundays and would walk about 6 miles to and from church each Sunday. Bus fare was about 30 cents (I'm talking the late 90's here!)

Before he came to the states, he lived in a room in the back of his electronics repair shop.  He had no bed, but would sleep on top of the wooden desk.  He had no bathroom, so would have to go outside and around the corner to the front of the shop to enter the bathroom.  Most days he had coffee for breakfast, a regular warm meal for lunch and oftentimes he didn't have enough money for dinner and in order to make the hunger pains go away, he would just go to sleep for the night.

I cannot even imagine this kind of life. We have it so good here in the United States.  My family had some hard financial times growing up, but I can't even imagine the thought of one meal a day.  I am so proud of my husband.  He never talks about this to anyone, except me. He is very humble. 

When he was presented the opportunity to come to the U.S., to tour with his band, he had to quit his studies again, for the chance to be able to earn a decent living.  His band, La Semilla, was a group of Christian guys who played traditional Andean folklore music with the message of hope through Jesus Christ.  They toured all over the U.S. and the U.K. as well.  They also played at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.   My husband is the lead vocalist.  I fell in love with him partly because he wooed me with his beautiful voice!

After we were married, he ventured out to see if he could return to the field of engineering.  It was a challenge to begin a new life at the age of 37 and have to learn a new language.  God has been so faithful and has given my husband so many opportunities!  It has not been easy as an immigrant to get a good job.  But we have seen the Lord work at all times!

What I most admire about my husband is his faith.  He is very wise and noble and I believe it is his commitment to study God's Word that has brought him and us to this place.  I am proud to be on this journey alonngside him.  Sometimes he doesn't understand why God has blessed him so much while others back home still struggle.  God has given him a very compassionate heart. 

I think part of his decision to adopt has to do with my husband's past experience.  He knows what it's like to suffer, to be hungry, to be afraid and to lose a father (you can read my post here about his very special father).  To whom much is given, much is required. We may not have a lot compared to other people, but especially compared to where he has come from, we are abundantly blessed!

In honor of my husband on Father's Day, we are selling La Semilla's CD "Renaciendo."  I think you will enjoy the beautiful instruments, some peaceful songs, some lively and energetic.  Most are instrumental only, but the songs with vocals are in Spanish. 

We are offering the CD's at only $15 each and it includes shipping! Please purchase on the right via paypal.  We are only about $3000 away from our financial needs for our first trip. That's pretty much airfare for two! 

We are also still selling Ashley's Almost-Famous Key Lime Pies and Tracy's Cheesecakes to any locals.  I will keep taking orders as long as people still want to buy!  They have been a success and are very delicious. They are secret recipes given to me by Ashley Moreno and Tracy Phillips. Order yours now to help rescue and orphan with Down syndrome!

I love my husband and am so blessed that God gave him to me. Happy Father's Day, honey!

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  1. Thank you. I needed to read this today. God bless your husband.


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