Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Santa Barbara Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk

Last Saturday was our first Buddy Walk experience.  We had the chance to represent Reece's Rainbow and it was so cool!  So many people learned about RR for the first time, while others shared how they had been Christmas Warriors for waiting children.  We got to share our story about our process of adopting Maria too. 

What a cool event! They had games for the kids, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, bubbles and live entertainment.  We had fun playing with our friends with DS and meeting new ones.  It was a very encouraging day and we are so blessed to be in this community.

It was very bittersweet too.  The whole reason we were there is because of Maria. But- she wasn't there. I tried to hold back, but inevitably got a little emotional.  Luckily this was before the event started.

Please pray for the officials in Maria's country.  For some reason, they are not issuing us a travel date.  Our paperwork has been in country since April 14.  Maria needs to come home NOW! She does not belong in an orphanage or mental institution! Please pray friends.

And if God leads you, we still need around $3500 to pay for our first trip.  Will you help rescue an orphan?

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  1. Gentry I will be praying for a travel date ASAP for you. Also for the remaining funds to come in.Even though it was bittersweet, I'm sure the people that attended the Buddy Walk were blessed and better informed about special needs adoptions.
    Seeing the video brought me back to my beach days there and all the art exhibits along the strand.


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