Monday, May 9, 2011

It's all about prayer

This is what the Lord has been gently reminding me about over the last several days.  Yes, I already know how important prayer is, yes I am praying constantly. 

But He just had to tell me over and over through people, through His word these last days: you have to give it over to me in prayer!

Oh, how stubborn I am. I pray and say, Lord, I just want to talk to you about this burden I have. He says ok, now give it to me!

I feel so much like an Israelite.  They couldn't wait for Moses to come down from Mt. Sinai. They couldn't see him and didn't know when he'd be back. So they took matters into their own hands: literally- by making a golden calf!

Oh no! I can't see how God is going to work and I am losing my patience and start thinking: ok, so maybe I have to start doing something to help God out! AHHH!

Well, so the Lord told me to just come and lay it at His feet and trust.  So simple! We're going back to basics. We knew from the beginning that we would need faithful prayer warriors to lift us up through this journey. We passed out over 100 prayer cards. Well, we're going to pass out more and ask:  Will you commit to praying for our adoption?

Yes, we will be actively raising the needed funds to get Maria out of the orphanage. But we can't do it without prayer!  And we KNOW God will be glorified and He will provide like He promised He would!

Will YOU be a prayer warrior for the Zuzunaga family?


  1. Good for you. Rally the troops. Raise up the banner!! Love it!!

    P.S. - If you love SL - you ought to consider BiblioPlan. It is cheaper - uses many of the same history related books and allows you to get all your kids on the same history/geography/literature track....

    My husband and I wrote the Companions and even if you stick with SL - look into them. They are rich in bible, church and missionary history.... George Mueller is one of them!!


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