Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Learned from a Celebrity

Ok, so we have no news- still waiting for our paperwork to be submitted so we can get a travel date to go visit Maria.

So I get to post on Brad and Angelina finally. A couple of years ago, everyone started to pay attention as several celebrities began adopting.  At first I was curious and then intrigued and then I really started thinking about adoption. I would see the magazines in the grocery store checkout aisle and see Angelina carrying her adopted son from Cambodia.  Why is she carrying him?, I would wonder.  He's big enough to walk.  I worried about these children being brought up in Hollywood.  I'm sure paparazzi isn't a positive thing for adopted children. 

Well, now that we're knee deep in this adoption process, I've learned some things.  Although I don't necessarily agree with their lifestyles and as much as we might want to judge Brad and Angelina, or Madonna or others, there is something that they are doing right. THEY GET IT!  They understand the orphan's plight and they took action to give that child a family.


I'm sorry, but it is just frustrating.  We are the ones who are supposed to know what love is. We are the ones who know that while we were still sinners, God poured out His love for us, sent Jesus to stand in our place and brought us into His family. We are the ones who are supposed to love Jesus by loving the least of these.  But we just can't, or we won't, or we're too busy with our own problems and it's not convenient and the timing isn't right and maybe in a few years and what if it changes your life.  Well, since God gave us life, maybe He should direct it.  Maybe He wants us to completely surrender to do His will, and use us in mighty ways.  Maybe He wants to bless us through adoption.

I have more respect for the celebrities choosing adoption than I did before we started this process.  Angelina probably carries her adopted children because they didn't have a mommy to carry them for the years before she adopted them.  It takes extra time and effort to bond when there has been loss and life disrupted.  I think of Maria and how she will receive us, total strangers, as her new mama and papa.  If I have to carry her, swaddle her like a baby, rock her to sleep, let her sleep in my bed- I will.  I was more structured with my other kids and tried to help them learn to sleep on their own- but it will be different with Maria.  She has not had a mama for 3 1/2 years!  My heart breaks at this thought- how is this possible? My biological children have been with me and have known my love for them ever since God formed them in my womb. Maria doesn't know what a family is or how much a mama and a papa could love her.  It will take effort and time- but, oh, will she learn what love is. 


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  1. Gentry, I am walking and praying right beside you. I often wonder if some people go to church just to socialize and feel good about themselves but when called to do the harder, more uncomfortable work of Christ they just say they aren't "called' to do that.... I don't know. All I can do is pray that hearts are open and the truth and the beauty of these children will shine and the world will receive them just as Jesus received us, with open arms, full of love. Thank you for sharing, my friend, you are a treasure.


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