Monday, May 23, 2011

Pray now!

I kept meaning to post over the last couple of days, but whenever I had time, I kept forgetting what I wanted to post! Still new to this whole blogging world, I am. Sorry I sound like Yoda, my kids have really been into the Star Wars saga lately.

My sister is here visiting and helping me get ready for our big garage sale this Saturday. The kids are having a lemonade stand and will sell baked goods, too. We also will be passing out flyers/order forms to our neighborhood residents and anyone else we can for our Key Lime Pie (thanks Ashley for the recipe) and Cheescake Sales for the month of June. Then Sunday, we are making/selling breakfast burritos, baked goods and coffee between the morning church services. Makes for a very full and exhausting weekend! But it's all for Maria! We love her so much already and just ache to get to her!  We are praying that our papers get registered and we get a travel date soon! It's been almost 8 weeks now :(

But the real reason I finally came to update my blog is because there are two families in two different countries fighting for the lives of two boys.  One family was already denied by a judge and now will go before the Supreme Court. The other family will be the first adoption case heard by the local judge and much hangs in the balance. Please Please Pray for them! Pray that God will be glorified in the outcome! Pray for justice for these two precious children who deserve a family!  Pray that the families get to go home with their new sons! Pray NOW!

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