Monday, September 26, 2011

Benefit Concert Update

Our benefit concert on Friday was amazing! We had around 100 people come and over $2000 in donations.  We felt so blessed that night and were so happy to enjoy the great music and share our adoption story.

We know that God has such a beautiful purpose for Maria's life and we are the lucky ones to be chosen to be her mama and papa.

Here are some photos of the night courtesy of our friend and neighbor Shawn Dollar-

Love this handsome guy!

At the end of the concert we shared a video of our adoption journey made by my friend Mia (thank you!):

We are getting so close and we want to thank all of you for your help to get Maria home to her family! We are still around $5000 away from our goal- amazing progress! I will be making Key Lime Pies this week and on so if you want to order one- let me know!

We received an update on our case on Friday saying that our adoption facilitator will meet with the judge on October 3rd.  Please pray we get a court date! We are hoping the judge doesn't ask us to get a bazillion more documents to have notarized and apostilled.  And we also received a new photo of Maria taken recently. Her hair is getting longer and she is all dolled up! This one is going in a frame!


  1. Love the pictures and video!! And I love the new picture of Maria!!

  2. I have tears of joy for you guys!!! I am so happy the concert went well and that you shared your love with that many people. The video is amazing, you can't watch it without crying! Just love the new picture of Maria, it warms my heart that they took the time to get her all dolled up for her picture, she looks so proud! You guys are an inspiration to so many people, may GOD bless you always!!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your court date!!!


Thank you for sharing your kind words!