Monday, September 19, 2011

Maria's birthday

Yesterday was Maria's 4th birthday.  We decided to celebrate it alongside our 3 year old's birthday too.  We are really missing Maria and wonder if she got some cake or gifts.  I doubt it.  They may have given her some chocolate though.  We saw one of the nannies stuff a big chocolate in her mouth (only her, none of the other kids), one day during outside playtime.  

Here are some photos from our day:

Swimming makes them really hungry
 Special request: Ariel cake with strawberry filling

 My 3 year old picked the backpack out for Maria

 At our pool, we wear bathing suits! (at the orphanage, they were in their birthday suits)

 Love her new quilt for her bed-flowers and butterflies and polka dots! (and love Target clearances)

We are getting so close to our funding goals! Thank you for your support- when everyone helps, it really does make a big difference!  

Reminder about our concert this Friday night! My husband's Peruvian band, La Semilla will be playing and we will be sharing a video about our adoption journey.  Can't wait!

We also can't wait to bring Maria home- this is her last birthday without a family!

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