Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank you Jesus!

We had a very capable news reporter, Lara Cooper, write a very nice article about our adoption of Maria.  You can read it here:

I knew there would be some hateful/hurtful comments and prayed that the Lord would guard my heart.  Sometimes it is not even worth it to engage the people who say cruel things, because they only want to hear their own voice.  But it does bother me that they try to influence others with their WRONG and hateful beliefs.

On a very GOOD note, however, we were able to MEET the matching grant challenge and then some!  We raised over $2200 yesterday and will receive the other $1000 shortly, a daily record for our adoption fund! Yay Jesus! All of it is because of Him and what we could not do, but He has done!

I was at an Orphan Sunday meeting last night and I loved what one man prayed: "Jesus help us as we battle Satan every day and to claim the victory that we have because of your death on the cross."



  1. I just read the article. Very nice!
    Please remember, you just need to pray for people that leave these types of comments. They just do not have Jesus strong enough in their hearts yet.

    I will continue to pray that your journey goes smoothly for the both of you. Trust that in just a short time, your daughter will be home with you.

  2. Beautiful story!!! Maria is so loved already, your family is amazing.


Thank you for sharing your kind words!