Friday, April 15, 2011

Dossier arrived safely

I tracked our dossier on DHL's website and it shows that our dossier has arrived and was signed for. Since our agency's office is in Arizona, it traveled from there to Ohio to Germany and then to Maria's country.

Next step is for it to be translated. It is really long so I don't know how long it will take to hear back from our coordinator with a travel date. I suppose we'll know in 2-3 weeks. Oh, we are getting so close! It seems surreal right now, but when we get ready to board the plane, it will hit me. I'll get the butterflies and sweaty palms.

We still haven't figured out where Maria will sleep. We are thinking about getting Diego a bunk bed and having her sleep on the bottom. But we have a crib that Gigi is still using that she could use if that's what she's used to. I am not letting Gigi out of that crib until it's absolutely necessary, though. She won't climb out of it, so I use that as containment when need-be.  I could put all three girls together, but I don't want to leave Diego out of all the excitement. Although, he would have to stop dumping ALL the Lego's onto his bedroom floor if she were to share his room. Or we'll have to move the Lego's.  I think we'll be able to decide once we've visited her and get to ask her caregivers questions about her habits and schedule and get to see where she sleeps.

We were outside yesterday and the kids were playing with the neighbor's dog and she told me there are about 4 Eastern European families in our little neighborhood! I hope to meet them- maybe they will give me some language lessons!  I seriously don't have time to learn, although it would be so helpful. I'll be trying to cram right before we leave- like exam finals!

We went to the free movie night at the drive in. It's the first time we've gone. I do remember going once as a kid- we watched Tron. Tonight they were playing Tangled, a Disney version of Rapunzel. It was a sweet movie, at times a little scary for my younger kids. Basically she was kidnapped as a baby and kept hidden in a tower. At the end of the movie when she reunites with her parents, I started crying. I put myself into their places. These parents had waited 18 years for their child and that moment was so intense. I immediately imagined the moment we would meet Maria for the first time. All this time waiting for her, these 3 1/2 years that we've missed out on. All that we've done to get to her and when she gets a mama and papa for the first time- it will be beautiful and intense and I'm sure I will cry again.

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