Friday, April 22, 2011

GOOD Friday

It’s a GOOD day today.

It’s my niece’s 16th birthday: Happy Birthday Nataly!

It’s Kelly Dirkes’ birthday and she will NOT being doing any adoption paperwork today! She needs a break after finding out the psychologist made a costly mistake on her report. Pray that the Lord will provide the funds soon and it will not delay their adoption of Charlotte.

Isn't she a cutie!

It’s Earth Day: Thank you Starbucks for the free coffee!


It also is the anniversary of the death of my husband’s father.  He died more than twenty years ago, but he is not forgotten. He was my husband’s best friend and teacher. He was a beloved and lively singer/performer in Lima, Peru, before his untimely stroke and later passing at the age of 47. We rejoice knowing he met the Lord before his death and is now singing and dancing in heaven.

"Oh Jesus, I can't live without your love. Without your love, I'd rather die than stop loving you."

Until we meet one day, Pastor Zuzunaga…

More importantly, however, it’s the day Jesus Christ, the Son of God,  was crucified in our place, giving us total access to God the Father, forgiveness from our sins and freedom from death unto eternal life.

And that is what makes today a GOOD Day.


  1. Yes It's A Very Good Day! Praying for the Dirke Family.Thank you Lord for saving Pastor Zuzunaga and giving his family comfort in knowing they will meet again!

  2. Hi There what a beautiful family you have...I think you have won a hat :)...Can you email me at


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