Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter photos

I know I'm a little late, but here are some photos from our Easter day celebration.

Our church holds our Easter service outside at the downtown courthouse and they create makeshift "classrooms" for the children. This was our first year helping in the classroom for Easter. They asked us to be in the Spanish speaking classroom and of course we agreed. I started talking to one little girl and asked her if she knew what we were celebrating. "Easter" she said. And what happened at Easter I asked. She shrugged. I asked her if she had ever heard the story about Jesus dying on the cross. "No". What? Never heard before? This 3rd grader- the same age as my daughter- had never heard about Jesus! So I asked her if she wanted me to tell her then or if she wanted to wait until story time. "Now" she asked. So we continued talking for awhile and I could see how she was in shock and completely trying to take it all in. It seemed so foreign to her. She hadn't even heard of heaven. Now don't you start thinking maybe it was my Spanish skills. She actually preferred me to tell her the story in English. Anyway, I ended up sharing the story with another boy who also didn't know the story. It was a very blessed time being able to plant the seed of God's love for them in their hearts.

Some of the children doing crafts

My daughter and her daddy help with hand motions during worship

On the courthouse steps

After church we came home and then my sister in law and niece came over to eat and hang out and have cake.
Finally got to open their baskets, since we woke up late for church and had rush off!

Happy 16th Birthday Naty!

It was a good relaxing day to share about all the Lord has been doing in our life: His miraculous provision of a house, providing finances when we've needed them and the family of God who bless us so much.

p.s. Last week a 9 year old girl named Katie asked people to donate money towards our adoption in lieu of a birthday gift and raised $150 and then another Katie (3 year old I think) donated towards our adoption on behalf of Kelly Dirkes' birthday. Love how the Lord uses His children.

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  1. Hey Gentry,

    So glad you had a wonderful albeit busy Easter. What is the status of your dossier? Have you heard anything?

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam


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