Friday, April 8, 2011

I think I overdid it

I’m lying in bed right now trying to relax because my back is messed up. Too much lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes.  It hurts really bad to sit. I went to see my chiropractor and almost cried it hurt so bad to be sitting in the car.  I was crying out, “Lord, help me get there”.  My son said, “How’s He gonna do that? Is he going to pick up our car and put us all the way there?” That spurred on a van conversation about how strong God is.  I love hearing my 9 year old’s perspective when she teaches my five year old about God. Anyway, my chiropractor says my back is a combination of stuck and sore.  He was surprised that I had such a big smile on my face for how much pain I was in. I told him that God has really blessed us with the new house and we were getting very close to traveling to meet Maria. Then he prayed for me (Love my chiropractor!)

On our way home, I was on the freeway and the car behind me decided to change lanes and then cut me off.  Ok, that’s not so weird, but then he just slowed down to about 60 mph.  Several cars then went around me and him and cut in front of him. He was happy to let them go.  I lifted up my hands as a gesture (don’t worry, I didn’t flip him off) to say “What’s going on?” and he waved back to me.  I realized that he was doing this on purpose! Not sure why, but I decided to stay calm and backed off and switched lanes so he couldn’t get the satisfaction (?) of playing with me.  Seriously? I don’t have the energy or patience to deal with some jerk when I’m barely able to drive home with back pain.

So now I’m home lying on ice packs and then when my kids are in bed I’ll go stretch in the Jacuzzi.  Did I mention how blessed I am?

p.s. We found the block to our bed in a bag in the girls room- hopefully Kike can get it put together by himself- I’m useless right now!

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