Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Police station, cardboard houses and the King of Kings

Yesterday we went to the DMV to update our address and today we went to the police station to get updated fingerprints for our FBI clearance and Police Clearance letters.  (They are only valid in Maria’s country for 6 months). My daughter, age 9, said, “Didn’t you already do fingerprints, like, 10 times already?”  See, she gets it. She feels our pain. She sees all the effort we are putting forth, doing repetitive tasks. But she knows why we’re doing it and she yearns to meet her new sister. I really wish I could take her with me when we go. She would learn and see so much. My son wanted to know why we had to go to the police to get fingerprints. My best explanation to a 5 year old boy: so they know we're not bad guys.
Today has just been a great day. The weather is beautiful and sunny with a slight breeze. The kids decided it was time to turn the leftover appliance boxes into houses and castles. First we had to pull weeds out of the brick patio and clean up a bit. Then they colored their houses and I cut out windows and doors. I love that we home school and get to share these special spontaneous moments with our children.  I missed out on so much when my daughter was in public school! I don’t want to miss any more. My daughter said the only problem is that we don’t have enough boxes- we need one more for Maria!
Today we were reading in Matthew 21 about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I have heard many times how here the multitude was praising Jesus and following him and then the next week turned on him and were yelling out “Crucify Him.” But in our study today, something different stood out. This multitude really wanted Jesus to save them from Roman rule and for Him to be a human king. They were not embracing Him as their Lord and King of their lives and hearts. They never really understood who He was: the Son of God. I don’t think they really changed. I think all along they were the same.  I don’t think you follow Jesus and then un-follow Him. No, they were not ready to call Him Lord and Savior.  I think this example is not exclusive to Jesus’ time on earth. How many people call themselves Christians but their lives do not show a life following Christ? Are we really giving Jesus room to be the KING of ALL of our life?  My prayer is that I would follow Him with everything, not holding back, letting go of myself and letting Him rule in my life.

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  1. I never thought you were bad guys either. Aren't boxes just the best for kids! Sound like they understand work before play :)
    I praise the Lord for His unending sacrificial love for us. I love the hymn " I have decided to fallow Jesus. No turning back . No turning back!


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